вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

The laughter too promotes growing thin!

As shows research, the laughter within only 15 minutes in day burns enough calories to dump up to 5 pounds (almost 2 kg) excess weight in a year.
In the research lead " the International magazine on problems of adiposity " (USA), it is spoken, that during loud chest laughter it is spent approximately as much energy, how many and during walk long more to a floor of mile.
During laughter heart fights more quickly, and many various muscles work.
Scientists have measured quantity of the calories, spent by 45-th adult people during viewing various TV of programs, including programs about wildlife and comic shows.
Laughing at viewing comedy films, the person spends almost for 20 % of energy more, than being in a condition of rest.
Scientists have counted up, that at 10-15 minutes of daily laughter the total of spent energy increases from 40 up to 170 joules that is equaled to burning from 10 up to 40 calories.
The main author of research doctor Masej Buchovsky from University Vanderbilta in the city of Neshvil, state Tennesi, has explained, that « examinees spent for 10-20 % of energy more during laughter, than being in a condition of rest ».
« We have counted up, that the energy spent for 15 minutes of laughter, for a year burns up to 4,5 pounds (2 kg) weights ».
Healthy laughter
In research also it is spoken that the laughter positively influences work of heart and immune system, and also relieves a pain.

And doctor Shevach Fredler from medical center Assaf Harofeh in the city of Zerifin even has come to conclusion, that the laughter raises chances of successful treatment of barreness.